Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crochet Photos

Hi Ladies,
  Sorry about my previous post...I was unable to add my pictures, I was doing the blog from my I-pad and for some reason it wouldn't let me do it.  Here the are thou, I hope you enjoy them.

After finishing up my husband's blanket for Christmas 2011 ( I don't have a picture for that, but you will get a glimps from one of my other pictures......) I started watching more crocheting Youtube videos, I was already subscribe to some channels.....mikeyssmail and tjw1963...they are both awesome, the pattern for my husband's blanket if from mikey he calls it the wavy blanket.  So, as you all know, when you start watching youtube videos or learn of a new technique or pattern, you just go crazy and start looking and searching for other videos (maybe just me).  It really awakened that love I've always had for crocheting, I guess because I always remember my granmother and all the happy memories attached to the craft she passed on to me.   Ok so I found the most awsomest post for a crochet is the inspiration picture

Isn't it pretty.  This is from ( melador1 ) on Youtube... she has the most awesome tutorials.  I started the purse so here is where I am...  ( you can see me husband's blanket on this picture ).

Here is a close up of the flowers.

  At the same time I started crocheting a baby blanket for my co-worker, she had a beautiful baby gir.  I chained 100 and I just did a simple half double crochet.

I did the edge with some pompom yarn, and added some cute hearts.
 I pray you all are doing great and you get a little inspired to do a craft that is soooo enjoyable. Crocheting !!

Be blessed,

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hellooooooo !

Hi ladies, I know it's been a looking time, since my last post. Just been enjoying God's mercy and his patience with me. Living up to holy life has never been harder, but with his grace we can conquer all. Let me share with you my first "craft" love....crocheting, yup that's right....I'm a hooker.....TeeHee. I learned how to crochet when I visited my grandma in Mexico as a child, I was probably around 10 yrs old. Since day one, I was hooked....TeeHee. I've loved this craft so much and I am so pleased to announce that my girls are loving it too, especially my oldest daughter...she even reads patterns, which I had always struggled with, till recently, thanks to her. Here are a few pictures of my creations, I will be sharing some more in the near future. Thanks for letting me share my passions with you. Love ya !