Sunday, August 28, 2011


Here are some pictures of my last swap at..A Lil Scrap of Heaven.  Enjoy
The theme was "Christmas in July"...can never start too soon for the Christmas Holidays.

I like doing these kinds of easy and believe it or not you can get creative with them.
Till next time....B Blessed

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Heart Journal

Hello bloggers....
  Just spent the day on the, it had been long.  I was able to upload some videos on YouTube and I also was tagging some pictures on my personal Facebook page.  Also, trying to get inspiration for my truly neglected ABC Scripture Challenge.  So disappointed in myself for not being able to get back to them, what I did do is cover all of the remaining pages I will need, now I just have to find the scripture I want to share and embellish.  Sounds easy, huh...LOL.
  Well, as promised her is the latest installment of my Greeting Farm Heart Journal Challenge...the theme/subject was paper piecing..what I really wanted to do more than the paper piecing was to use one of the new stamps I got from TGF from my B'day haul.  Since I first saw them I was attracted to them, they remind me so much of my sisters and I...I love them, so adorable. 
  Let me know what you think.  Till next time, be blessed

Week Three = Paper Piecing

Page One

Page Two

My page sentiment

Close up of the older sister...Me

Close up of the middle sister...Martha

Close up of the youngest sister...L. Paty

I hope you like my page.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What I did today !!

Quick peek at my latest He-art Journal entry for Week Five=Pieces of me.

I pray you all have a blessed rest of the week....  Thanks for viewing.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Heart Journal

   Just a quick entry to show you my latest pages...
These are my pages for week three and four.
For Week Three...the theme was Gratitude/Giving Thanks

These are my pages for Week Four...the theme was The Girl in Me, the challenge was to
hand draw a figure.  Something that was totally hard for me, so it was, a challenge.TeeHee

I also challenge myself to include my faith in these art journal pages, so far so good.
Next week (#5) the theme is Pieces of me....layer and paper piecing..till then...
Good bye and God Bless

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Heart Journal

Week Two = Beach

The challenge this week was to incorporate the beach, adding some dimension to your project. 
I hope you like what I've created.  I've always felt so blessed to live by the beach, I am definitely a hot weather kind of gal....TeeHee   When I was a child my family would go to the beach alot, especially during the summer months when we were out from school, we would sometimes stay overnight at the beach, it was awesome !!  Now that I'm older my favorite thing to do, is find a spot and just lay there, the breeze in my face, the salty smell on my lips and the wonderful sound of the waves, ahhhhhh, wish I was there now.  Don't ya??  TeeHee, well for now enjoy my rendition of my favorite beach moments, as a child and as an adult.

I pray you have a tremendous rest of the week.


;0)  Norma

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What I did today !!

Hello Ladies,
  Just a quick update....
Today I left my baby (18yrs old) at the airport for her first church youth conference, sigh!
I know, I know, she's of age, she'll be OK, there is a large group going, my pastors will be there
too and other chaperons, but, still, I must admit that it is nerve wracking.  I miss her already, my
home feels so quiet without her... :o(
I pray for protection and a safe return for the whole group...they will be flying back on Saturday
counting the days already.  Big Sigh !
  Anyways, to let you know that I was able to upload my pictures for the He-Art Journal challenge @ The Greeting Farm Blog.  I had received an email that they had to manually add me to the group, somehow
I was being shown as not active...?? IDK.  Anyways I've loaded it and am working on this weeks.  I also
a tag swap in the works but I will have to turn them in late, because I'm not good at coloring hair w/Copics, and my daughter was the one that was helping me with it...I'll have to wait till Saturday for her return...  Soooo Sorry Linda, but I have everything done except for the hair.  I am also getting back on track with
my ABC Scripture Challenge.....OMG, I think I have too many things on my plate....must prioritize somehow.  Help me Lord..!
Well I bid you Adieu
Peace be with you.

;0)  Norma