Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What I did today !!

Hello Ladies, just a quick note to let you know of my awesome week so far....not only did we have a wonderful service at church on Sunday, I got to do a mini shop at my local Michael's.  I found out that they now carry Copic markers.....whoo hoo.... I don't want to get sucked-in, but I really couldn't help buying some, especially since there is a 50% off coupon this week !!  Yes 50% off!!  So I purchased two of them the E000 and E00... the reason I bought these is because I saw a YouTube video of a girl doing a tutorial on how to paper piece digi images and she explained that she only uses these two Copics for the flesh tone.. so I'll be playing around with these, super excited.  I will be going back to Michael's to purchase a few more, with the coupon of course, TeeHee.... I'm interested in getting some brown ones for hair...no alot of blond Mexicans...TeeHee, so I definitely need to keep the hair dark... What colors do you ladies suggest...I'm a total novice on this, and the least colors I get the better.... Lemme know what you suggest, all comments are welcomed.  Praying you are having a awesome week !!  Blessings to all.


Oh BTW.... I also joined .... http://www.myscraproom.nin/  and I already joined a swap... super excited.

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  1. Yay for you Norma! I can't wait to see what you color and create! I can't help you with the colors you need because I've chosen to stay away from Copics!
    Thanks so much for the update on what trouble you've been getting into! lol :o)