Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I did today !!

Hello Ladies......
   I know, my poor neglected blog.....Sigh
I will not explain myself, it's just one of those things...this blog, unfortunately is the bottom of my priority, so I apologize if you missed me, but on with the show...  I've actually been busy with non scrappy stuff, like, my youngest daughter's upcoming H.S. graduation...Yipee!   So excited for her and for what the Lord has in store for her.  Be praying if you can for both my daughters for they are both searching for summer jobs, and God willing, continuous.  My oldest is enrolled also for Summer Sessions at the university, so she'll be busy if she does find summer employment.  I am also actively helping some coworker with the retiring party for my boss, I will greatly miss him, I sorta volunteered to make bow ties for everyone attending...Long story short, our boss when he first started his practice, would wear bow ties instead of conventional funny right?  Well in honor of this, we will all be wearing bow ties to the event, he'll be so pleased, I'm sure, his wife thinks its an awesome idea, so we're sticking to it.  Till then my scrapping has been put on hold. ;0(
Soon, though I'll be posting my ABC Scripture challenge pages, I have them started as a sketch, (baby steps) TeeHee.   In the meantime I saw a video from scrapbooker extraordinaire ScrapChica on a subbie giveaway....well of course I was busy and my computer at the last minute decided to jam up (typical) so I didn't make it to the deadline, but, I so wish to post it.  So Linda, here it is...I hope you get a kick out of it and if the other unwilling participants on the video agree, I will post it, w/music on YouTube, it will be up to them.  For now Here it is....Enjoy

I hope you all get a kick out of it......It was all done in fun with love and respect.

Goodbye for now, see you soon
Be Blessed

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  1. Yes, I have missed you Norma! It's nice to hear what you've been up to. I am very curious about the video though. I hope we all get to see it eventually!
    Thanks for stopping in at my blog. I'll send you a message with a link to the place where I get my Sizzix dies. Have a happy day! :o)