Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year !!!

    Hello Ladies,
Just a small note to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

  It has been an awesome 2013, and with the Lord's help it will be a terrific 2013.  Once again I must apologize for the lack of blogging, but, it is what it is.  I'm not gonna sweat the little things in life.  I will be trying to do as much blogging as I can, I will probably not make long notes and just add pictures, since that is probably quicker and I can do it with my Ipad. 
  New years resolutions...... yikes, never been good at sticking to them, but I had decided in early December to focus more on my daily devotional reading, so I will be starting Jan 1 with a daily devotional book my husband purchased for me called " Starting your day right" by Joyce Meyer...I will add a picture if I can of the book cover.  I will share with you and excerpt from Day 1... It talks about waking up on the wrong side of bed and that attitude can carry over to the rest of our day. "But today our feet can be firmly planted in God's Word.  There will be not "bad day" when God's Word supports, strengthens, and directs us."  Awesome encouragement for EVERYDAY.

Psalm 94:18  When I said, My foot is slipping, Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, held me up.

Thank you all for your continued support and as always God Bless.

I will be starting a new YouTube channel that will be more about my life and not just my love of scrapbooking, once I set it up and load my first video, I will announce it here.
New YouTube channel..... EverydayNorma

P.S. 2
Here is a picture of the blanket I crocheted for my husband...He loved it....TeeHee

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  1. So good to have an update from you, Norma! I have that devotional book and have gone through it a couple of times. It's full of wonderful wisdom from the Word! I'm off to sub to your new youtube channel! Happy New Year to you!...Nancy :o)