Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Weekend

  Well, I finally finished my First Mini was a T.P. mini page swap, hosted by Faye / suecat11 @ YouTube and AikntoScrap here @ Blogspot.   I'm not sure if I did it right, but, I tried.  I'm sure I'll be informed if it was not ok. 
  I had a very busy week!!! I've been at church after work practically all week...the only day I wasn't the was Friday.Today I was there for a wedding...this sweet young lady got married (Missy)-- praying for many happy years to come, filled with love, joy, and peace.  The wedding was very simple, yet beautiful and intimate. Perfect.
  I will try to post some pictures of the T.P. mini page I made, in the meantime, have a blessed weekend.
Norma   ;0)


  1. Hi Norma! I came across your blog from your youtube channel! Congratulations on starting it! I know from experience that it takes a little while to get it going...but then it's lots of fun! I look forward to seeing your TP mini page pictures! Your slideshow is really gorgeous! Hope you have a happy day!...Nancy :o)

  2. Thank you so much Nancy for your sweet comment, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with this blog, but I will definately give it my best.

    Norma ;0)

    Waiting on the TP pages to bind the mini and show it complete...can't wait.